Family Wealth Planning

Family wealth planning sounds a lot like estate planning. Many of the goals require similar financial planning and use the same legal tools, such as trusts, as are used in estate planning. The goal of wealth preservation and the ability to transfer wealth to heirs is also present.

But family wealth planning goes a step further. It seeks to protect the long-term accumulation of wealth within a family and preserve it from creditors. If there is a family business, it can be used to protect the business from creditors of individual members of the family, and other individuals, such as former spouses of divorced children, which would not typically occur with ordinary estate planning.

Sophisticated Planning For Complex Asset Portfolios

Mario A. Mata is an experienced attorney who focus his practice on the area of asset protection planning. This type of planning assists wealthy clients with sophisticated portfolios of assets and develops the complex array of trusts, corporations, LLCs and often employs the use of overseas jurisdictions, including much of the British Commonwealth.

The Importance Of Avoiding A Delay In Creating These Plans

Many people reorganize the value of such family wealth management. They know that there is a potential risk. They are busy, and this may not seem a pressing matter. Until the notice of an accident, possible negligence, or a process server with the notice of a lawsuit arrives. At that point, it is too late to protect all of your assets, as any transfer that would render you insolvent to a possible judgment, potentially could be set aside by a court as a fraudulent conveyance.

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Setting up a comprehensive asset protection plan is complex and takes time. It also must be done in advance of any potential claims. Mario A. Mata is lawyer based in Texas and can meet with you in Dallas, Houston, Austin or nationwide. Call Mario or an initial consultation and to set up an appointment at 469-914-8942 or use the online contact form.