Asset Protection Planning

Perhaps the most important word in the phrase "Asset Protection Planning" is the word "planning." Asset protection planning is designed to protect your wealth, primarily from creditors. In order to create an APA that is viable and will survive a determined attack from a creditor, you want the plan in place long before there is any hint of a lawsuit or a justiciable claim on the horizon.

Mario A. Mata can help you to ensure that your wealth is protected, but you need to speak with him before a crisis has developed. He can use a variety of tools that will protect your assets, however, the strongest protection is best created far in advance of threats to your wealth.

What Asset Protection Does

It should be noted that asset protection planning is not about defrauding creditors. Some lawsuits are filed by lawyers looking for "deep pockets," and if you are the unfortunate victim of such a case, you may spend thousands of dollars in attorney fees and other costs, in addition to potentially having assets attached in a judgment from such a case.

Property protection of this type uses a variety of legal instruments, including offshore trusts and other legal vehicles such as corporations and limited liability companies (LLC) to protect your assets and provide you with a better negotiating position to deal with these types of claims.

Avoid Fraudulent Transfers Or Conveyances

The primary reason you want to speak with an experienced asset protection planning attorney like Mario A. Mata is that once something has occurred that gives rise to a potential claim, ANY transfer of assets becomes increasingly risky. The danger is that a court will determine that the transfer was made to intentionally frustrate the collection of a judgment.

Even if that was not the case, it could cost a substantial sum to defend the transfer and if judged improper, the court could begin a process that could threaten much or all of your asset protection.

Contact Mario

Setting up a comprehensive asset protection plan is complex and takes time. It also must be done in advance of any potential claims. Mario A. Mata is based in Texas and can meet with you in Dallas, Houston, Austin or nationwide. Call Mario or an initial consultation and to set up an appointment at 469-914-8942 or use the online contact form.