Asset Protection Planning Services For Clients Nationwide

True wealth is a great accomplishment. But like everything in life, it can be fragile. A crisis, business or personal, can place great demands on that wealth. A moment of crisis is never the ideal time to act. Creating a strong asset protection plan, well in advance of any adversity, is the best strategy for long-term wealth preservation.

Mario A. Mata is an attorney with more than 40 years of experience in the field of asset protection planning. He has worked for numerous clients in that time, providing focused, specialized services for a discrete body of clients.

This type of asset protection planning calls for more than the services of the typical estate planning lawyer. He has set up many offshore wealth preservation structures to help high net worth individuals and families achieve their goals of efficient wealth transfer. These structures can be used to protect the families wealth and assets from possible attachment as a result of unfavorable legal judgments.

Because of his decades of experience in this area, Mario is often called upon by other attorneys, estate planning and financial professionals to assist with the design and implementation of these complex structures. He also can help provide solutions when problems have developed with plans that have been setup improperly.